We are committed to the people of our community.

About Our COVID-19 Relief Free Meal Delivery Program

What Is Included?

Our mission is to offer one (1) FREE meal to those who qualify for our program. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian options available, subject to daily availability.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

How to Order

Complete the COVID-19 Free Meal Program Application below. Once accepted, you will receive a phone call on how and where to claim your free meal.


If you would like to help support our efforts in providing free food to those in need in our community, we encourage you to shop our partnering restaurants’ online menu and add the “Share meal share love” option to your order. All the money raised from this purchase goes directly to providing free meals.

Who We Serve:

Individuals who have had their job(s) negatively affected by COVID-19

Elderly members of the community affected by COVID-19

First responders, emergency service providers/workers, and other health care professionals

Help Spread the Word:

Help Support Our Restaurant Community

Help us continue to help our community by supporting the local restaurants who have graciously stepped up to help those in need. With every order you place through our participating partners, you are not only helping provide a free meal to someone in need, but you are also helping support our 865 community as a whole.

COVID-19 Relief Meal Program Application

We are committed to the people of Knoxville. If you have recently lost your job or have otherwise been negatively affected by COVID-19, an elderly member of the community, or are a first responder, emergency service provider, and/or a healthcare professional, we encourage you to apply for our free meal assistance program by completing our online application.

Once accepted, you will receive a phone call with instructions on how and where to claim your free meal.